Picking the right school for your children is an important decision we as parents must make. In Southeast Florida as in other parts of the country, to go to a specific public school, you must live within that schools boundaries. Not all private, magnet or charter schools need, nor do they abide by specific boundaries.

A site with information on ALL the schools within an area is Greatschools.org. In the search box insert the county or city you are looking into, and it will give you information on all schools, public or private. GreatSchools.org also accepts reviews on the school by parents and the public for you to read.

For Palm Beach County Public Schools you would go to PalmBeach.org, click on schools, then find your school. It will ask for your address and give you the information on the elementary, Middle and High school your child would go to in that area.

For Miami Dade Schools you would go to DadeSchools.net, Click on the Parent link, on next page, look for Parent Toolbox on the right, then Find Your School. The next page will also allow you to search for Magnet Schools and Cambridge Schools that are part of the Public School system.